Introduction of Wall Panel Production Line 2012-10-13

(Compound) heat preserving lightweight wall panel adopts the newly high technology from South Korea, which is produced with the policy of lower investment but higher profit. The production line is made up ofEPS pre-expander machine,JQ2000 lightweight aggregate mixer, ZP120 foam blowing machine, slurry-infusing container, hydraulic wall panel machine, moving automatic stacker

It includes five systems:Batching System,Mixing System, Slurry-infusing System, Molding System, and Automatic Demoulding System.


Batching System

It includes four parts: silo, screw conveyor, electronic scale and aggregate bunkers.

Mixing System

It includes two parts: JQ1000 Lightweight aggregate mixer and ZP 120 foam blowing machine.

Slurry-infusing System

It includes two parts: pressure vessel and air compressor.

Molding System

The molding system adopts hydraulic pressure as motivate, which has specialty of reasonable structure, easy operation, high productivity, beautiful outlook; the machine is leading the way in the field.

Automatic Demoulding System

This automatic demoulding system adopts electric lateral molding and automatic stacking, equipped with moving platform.

Process of producing:

Material batching → mixing → slurry infusing → molding →automatic demoulding and stacking→ finished product



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